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The Church of England Professional Qualification for Headship 


The Church of England Professional Qualification for Headship (CofEPQH) provides rigorous preparation for senior leaders preparing for their first headship, heads leading both primary and secondary schools for the first time, and heads who have not yet completed the NPQH.

As a leader of a Church of England school or somebody whose practice and leadership resonate with Christian values, we want you to experience “life in all its fullness” (John, 10:10) and enable your staff and children to do the same.

Aims and Objectives

By completing your NPQH with the Church of England not only will you achieve a nationally recognised qualification you be equipped to know how to translate the Church of England Vision for Education into reality within your school and be enlivened in your own vocation.

Through this programme you will strengthen your leadership capability. Specifically, you will increase your confidence to:

  1. Know yourself as a Leader
  2. Create a culture of Excellence
  3. Lead teams with Dignity and Respect
  4. Be a Community Builder
  5. Enable children to Build Character
  6. Build your Organisation

We will support you on your leadership development journey through providing opportunities to learn through expert input, discussion with serving heads, targeted development sessions with coaches and actors, action learning, mentoring, and taking part in a 9-day school visit.

Why complete your NPQH with the Church of England?

  • Gain the NPQH qualification whilst also reigniting your own vision and vocation
  • Increase your chances of promotion and taking the next step in your career
  • Learn as part of a community where trust, authenticity, challenge, and support are valued
  • Learn with our exceptional facilitators who skilfully share their expertise (85% of participants strongly agree with this, 98% agree)
  • Access Department for Education Full Scholarship funding* if you are working in an Opportunity area or Category 5 or 6 school (and have not already completed the NPQH). We will complete an application for funding on your behalf once we have confirmed your eligibility.
  • Build your network with leaders of Church of England and community schools both in your region and across England. 

* Department for Education Full Scholarship Funding
Ten million pounds is available to support teachers and leaders working in opportunity areas and category 5 and category 6 areas to take the new NPQs.
This funding will cover full course costs, and all teachers and leaders in these areas are eligible for this funding (provided they have not already studied for the NPQ for which they are applying).

Participant testimonials

“It was a privilege to learn from such inspirational facilitators. At the first learning event I particularly enjoyed the MBTI sessions in the afternoon of the first day and was inspired when listening to Rob speak about his own experiences of leadership- successes and times when mistakes had been made. The facilitators recommended further literature which I have already started to resource. Thank you for investing the time in helping me to become a better leader” School Leader, 2018 Cohort.

“It’s through the Church of England so it gave me a really holistic vision of what ‘life in all its fullness’ can mean and how I can encourage others to understand this throughout my school.” School Leader, 2017 Cohort.

“The course has helped me find my way of doing things. It’s been really rich to see that there are different models of leadership and not just one way of leading well.” School Leader, 2017 Cohort.

“I honestly found the whole first learning event really engaging. It was full on, but there really wasn't a time when I didn't feel really engaged, challenged, inspired and encouraged. The learning event was a really excellent start to the programme”. School Leader, 2017 Cohort.

“One of the amazing things about this programme has been the shared experience, shared expertise, and working with people going through a similar transition to me.” School Leader, 2017 Cohort.

Listen to more participant experiences in this Video.

Applications for 2019/20 are now open and will close on Friday 2nd November 2018.

Applicants please apply online through our online form here.

All applications must be accompanied by a completed Sponsor form. This will need to be submitted in parallel and before the deadline of Friday 2nd November 2018.  Applications received without an accompanying Sponsor endorsement form will not be considered.

Please ask your Sponsor to send us their endorsement through this online form.
For South West region Sponsors only - please complete this online form here.