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The Church of England Professional Qualification for Headship (including OLD FORM of NPQH) 2020 (CLOSED)

The Church of England Professional Qualification for Headship (including NPQH) provides rigorous preparation for senior leaders preparing for their first headship, heads leading both primary and secondary schools for the first time, and heads who have not yet completed the NPQH.

As a leader of a Church of England school or somebody whose practice and leadership resonate with Christian values, we want you to experience “life in all its fullness” (John 10:10) and enable your staff and children to do the same.

Aims and Objectives

By completing your NPQH with the Church of England not only will you achieve a nationally recognised qualification you be equipped to know how to translate the Church of England Vision for Education into reality within your school and be enlivened in your own vocation.

Through this programme you will strengthen your leadership capability. Specifically, the course blends four elements:

  1. Translating Vision into Reality
  2. Developing Core Leadership Knowledge and Skills
  3. Developing Personal Leadership Behaviours
  4. Our Shared Mission

How will I learn?

Cohort 4 started in January 2021 and was delivered virtually to ensure that we can ran the programme smoothly throughout the current uncertain times. 

Your learning journey will include the following activities:

  • Three one day virtual learning events; 
  • Three online modules, each completed within three 90 minute virtual classrooms;
  • Six module launch webinars including a range of guest speakers;
  • Online reading and interactive material;
  • Working together in action learning sets which consist of fellow participants who live and/or work nearby;
  • Small group tutorials; 
  • Support from an approved mentor, your group host based in a partner school and your diocesan education team; 
  • A final Bringing it all Together learning event which will be delivered face to face if possible. 

Programme Overview 

Please see Programme Overview for more detail on what is covered within each of the modules.

For more information about value for money, time spent learning and additional costs please see Clear Expectations.

Why complete your NPQH with the Church of England?

  • Gain the NPQH qualification whilst also reigniting your own vision and vocation
  • Increase your chances of promotion and taking the next step in your career
  • Learn as part of a community where trust, authenticity, challenge, and support are valued
  • Learn with our exceptional facilitators who skilfully share their expertise (85% of participants strongly agree with this, 98% agree)
  • Build your network with leaders of Church of England and community schools both in your region and across England.

Participant testimonials

“The CofEPQH is the highest quality CPD I've ever had. I can honestly say that everyday I use something I learnt on the training. It's invaluable and has helped shape me as a leader.” Cohort 2 participant, 2020

“It has given me a Bible-centred focus to my leadership which has helped me clarify the true meaning behind some of the decisions that I had been making. This renewed focus has helped me feel calmer about my decision making and also helped me focus my decisions.” Cohort 2 participant, 2020

“Some excellent face to face and webinar learning alongside useful networking opportunities has given me practical strategies to put into use back at school.” Cohort 2 participant, 2020

“It has given me confidence to apply for headships- which is what I am currently doing!” Cohort 2 participant, 2020

“The course has helped me find my way of doing things. It’s been really rich to see that there are different models of leadership and not just one way of leading well.” Cohort 1 participant, 2019

“I honestly found the whole first learning event really engaging. It was full on, but there really wasn't a time when I didn't feel really engaged, challenged, inspired and encouraged. The learning event was a really excellent start to the programme”. Cohort 1 participant, 2019

“One of the amazing things about this programme has been the shared experience, shared expertise, and working with people going through a similar transition to me.” Cohort 1 participant, 2019

Listen to more participant experiences in this Video.