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National Conference 

7 February 2019: 

Rethinking Resilience

Resilience is one of the most common education buzzwords of our day - if only our students, staff, organisations or budgets were more resilient…It is a word too often reduced to simplistic ideas of grit, determination, getting through tough times, or simply coping. 

“The current educational climate is frequently characterised as one of increased accountability and pressure on school leaders at all levels. Challenges of budget, staffing, recruitment of leaders, mental health continue to grow - could rethinking resilience from a deeply Christian point of view help us not to ignore or avoid the challenges, but recognise that it is frequently at these critical points that we grow the most as leaders, teams and institutions?” 

The Revd. Nigel Genders, Chief Education Officer

Workshop Resources

We are delighted to share a range of workshop resources below:

Workshop Sessions Streams 

We have an amazing line up of speakers leading workshops across our 5 streams:

School Leaders Streams 

  • Dame Alison Peacock, Chartered College of Teaching
  • Mary Myatt, Author and Educator
  • Rob Robson, CofEPQH Programme Lead
  • Nick Shepherd, Setting God's People Free
  • Rob Loe, Relational Schools
  • Mary Hawes, Church of England Education Office

MAT Leadership/Governance Stream

  • Professor Bill Lucas, University of Winchester
  • Amanda Wachsmuth, Morgan Stanley
  • Edward Davies, Centre for Social Justice
  • Kiran Gill, The Difference
  • Helena Arnold, Church of England Education Office

Diocese/Church Leaders Stream

  • Rt Revd Martyn Snow, Bishop of Leicester
  • Carolyn Lewis,Diocese of Leicester
  • Rt Revd Christine Hardman, Bishop of Newcastle
  • Paul Rickeard, Joint Education Team for the Dioceses of Durham and Newcastle
  • Derek Holloway, Church of England Education Office
  • Lyn Field, Church of England Education Office
  • Jim Walters, London School of Economics
  • Paul North, Diocese of Chester
  • Miriam Kearney, Cathedral Academy, Wakefield
  • Garry Neave, Church of England Education Office

6th Form Student Leaders Stream

  • Dan Finn, Archbishop of York Youth Trust
  • Elizabeth Howat, Archbishop of York Youth Trust
  • Tatty Wilson, Diocese of Exeter
  • Iesha Small, LKMCo
  • #iwill Team