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The Church of England & Catholic Education Service National NPQ Plus Leading for Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Called, Committed, Connected Leadership Flourishing Together

Introducing the NPQ Plus

In the autumn, we are excited to be launching a new suite of leadership development opportunities for MATs, groups of schools or Dioceses to run locally with school leaders.

Our NPQ Plus suite of professional development is designed to complement and enhance the Church of England NPQ programmes and builds on our pedagogical learning principles, with our ‘Called, Connected and Committed’ coaching model right at the heart.

Each NPQ Plus module will provide you with all of the resources you need to facilitate training in your own local context, contextualising the learning for your organisation. This will create time and space for quality conversations, reflection and deep thinking that lead to transformational change across your organisation. It will also enable you to embed these resources in a wider vision of career pathway development for your whole staff team. Each stream includes:

  • Baseline for each module to identify starting points
  • Between 4-6 learning units, each underpinned by a clear research base
  • Expert input through high quality video resources
  • Engagement with case studies exemplifying great practice
  • Carefully constructed coaching questions for facilitators to use to ensure rich dialogue and deep thinking
  • Gap tasks and action plan creation, plus the opportunity to join a nationally facilitated network at the end of the programme, helping leaders to sustain the impact

Ready for use in Autumn 2023:


Module 1: Leading inclusive school cultures where everyone belongs

This module is for all leaders wanting to create transformational school and trust cultures that are intentionally committed to enabling belonging for our children and young people and removing any institutional barriers that stand in the way.

Our vision for Equity, Diversity and Inclusion work includes training and development, curriculum design and theological reflection all contributing to a radical culture change across our system. In order to see a substantial increase in the number of leaders (senior leaders, Headteachers, MAT Executive Leads) from a UKME background, truly equitable outcomes for children and young people and fully diverse representation within our schools must begin with culture setting.

During this module, leaders will be introduced to four key areas:

  • Race
  • Special Educational Needs and Disabilities
  • Gender and Sexuality
  • Trauma and Social Disadvantage

This is complex, brave work requiring innovation, wisdom, contrition, passion, integrity and highly developed interpersonal skills. We cannot tolerate the current structural inequalities in the system, and recognise our part in reinforcing institutional racism for generations. This module is to help you change this picture, creating a different story and working to make a lasting change to an education system focused on the flourishing of all.

Module 2: Flourishing Together

In a post-pandemic world, with school leaders facing many challenges for themselves, staff and pupils alike, this programme explores how leaders can create a vision of flourishing with a real focus on practical implementation within schools. 

This module focuses on an ‘ecology of flourishing’ – looking at how the flourishing of adults leads to the flourishing of students in their schools and MATs. It unpacks 5 key domains of flourishing:

  • Purpose
  • Relationships
  • Teaching
  • Wellbeing
  • Resources

This will also involve particular unpacking of the research underpinning the recently published ‘Flourishing Together’ book by Andy Wolfe and Lynn Swaner.

Module 3: Called, Committed, Connected Leadership

The aim of this programme is inspire leaders across your school/MAT with a set of leadership practices that both exemplify Wisdom, Knowledge & Skills, Hope & Aspiration, Community & Living Well Together, and Dignity & Respect, and that also go to the heart of educational purpose. We will explore together how as leaders do we sustain vision? How do we balance driving improvement with creating an whole organisational culture that enables flourishing of all? What does it mean for us to be ‘called, committed and connected’ as leaders?

CALLED – inspiring the vocation of the education leader

CONNECTED – enabling the flourishing of children, adults, teams and communities

COMMITTED – sustaining long-term engagement in realising this vision for education.

This is based on the Foundation’s core leadership document