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Participant FAQs

Assessment FAQs

Where can I find more information about assessments?

Please use the navigation bar on the left to find out more information about assessments for NPQSL/H and NPQLT/LTD/LBC.

Below is a graphic which demonstrates the Assessment Journey for participants:

How do I change the date of my programme/course?

This is a good question, and if there may be reasons why this needs to take place, your first point of contact needs to be your delivery partner so a discussion can be had about the reasons and then a solution can be put into place to best support your journey. Your Delivery Partner details can be found within the “Key Resources” area within the “Course section” on Blackboard. This screenshot should be of further assistance:


Please tell me where I find the recordings of the sessions?

Absolutely, recordings of the ACTIVATE sessions will be available to participants after the sessions, and will be available within a few short weeks of the original session date. The videos are available for participants to access via Blackboard and are shown as “recordings” via Blackboard. Below is a screenshot of what this looks like.

I am not able to make one of the sessions, can you tell me what I need to do?

Sure, participants may miss sessions due to exceptional circumstances. It is, however, important that you attend as many 'live' sessions as possible so you shouldn't be using this arrangement regularly. In this case, you should watch the recording of the session (ACTIVATE) or read through the slides (APPLY) before completing a short reflection, citing at least one piece of research.

This is submitted via the ‘Catch-up Form’ which is also linked on Blackboard. Please include your delivery partner's contact email address (found on Blackboard) so that they can review your submission and update your attendance for the session accordingly. Please note that you won't be able to access the recording of your activate session until a week after the session has been held- so you will need to wait until then before you 'catch up'.

If you need to miss sessions regularly for any reason (e.g. childcare) please talk to your Delivery Partner about this.

I have had my provisional offer, can you let me know what happens next?

Congratulations on receiving your provisional offer! We look forward to welcoming you onto our NPQ programme in two short months. In the next few weeks, you will receive your Formal Offer via email which will include more information about your course. This will include your Participant Agreement, alongside further details concerning the induction process to start your course. For now, please do rest assured that there is nothing further for you to do in order to join the Spring 2023 cohort of NPQ programmes. You will hear from your Delivery Partner shortly after your induction.

I am working overseas in a school, am I able to do a NPQ?

Thank you for reaching out and enquiring about the NPQ programmes. Our NPQs are for all teachers across the country, not just teachers in C of E schools and at the present moment in time, we are not taking applications for overseas teachers.

We would recommend you visit our website to keep up to date with any changes for the future, the link is ttps:// We wish you all the best in your overseas school.

I am moving school. Can I continue with my NPQ?

Absolutely we would love for you to continue with your NPQ. Please can you provide us with the contact details of your new school using this form NPQ Participant Details Update Form (

You do not need to inform us if you have a new sponsor or let us know who your new sponsor is. 

I am moving to a new trust who use a different provider for NPQ and they have requested I go with that provider so there is consistency. What should I do?

The DFE recommend that, once a course has begun, participants should remain with their original provider. This is because each lead provider has organised the course material in a different way and delivers the material slightly differently (so, for instance, if you move part way through a programme you may find that you repeat content you've already covered and miss other content).

This means that, practically, it is difficult to move part way through and we would encourage you wherever you can to remain on the course you started.

If you really must move to a different provider, please email us to let us know and we will contact the DFE to ask if this move is possible on your behalf. Please note that the DFE has to give consent for a move.

You should continue to engage fully on your current NPQ until you receive confirmation from us and your new provider that you have been transferred over.

I completed one of the NPQs a while ago. Can I do another?

Yes! The DFE is currently happy to fund an unlimited number of NPQ's for individual people as long as they are different courses. So, if, for instance, you did NPQH a while ago you couldn't receive funding to do it again now, but you could have funding to do NPQEL.

Similarly, if you completed NPQLBC last year you could be funded to do NPQSL this year.