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Who is the best first point of contact?

Jenny Dixon or Philippa Kings, you can reach us at

What is your favourite thing about the holidays?

Spending time with family and friends

Tell us a little bit about you as an organisation

Aquinas is a Multi-academy Trust comprised of 11 academies (9 primary and 2 secondary) across Bromley and East Sussex. Whilst we are one Trust with one mission to deliver Life - Transforming - Learning to all in our care, each academy maintains its own unique characteristics and individual identity. Teacher development is both a priority and a strength for us, from ITT to Executive leadership, teachers are supported and encouraged at every stage of their journey

Why did you choose to be a partner with Church of England

and Catholic Education Office?

We are committed to ethical leadership and psychological safety within our leadership teams, which we feel is promoted through CEFEL's approach to NPQ delivery and planning of content. As a Trust we are committed to holistic development of children and young people, which is supported by CEFEL's vision for education.

Which NPQs do you offer? 

Currently LT and SL, but from cohort 6 we will run LT, LTD, LBC, LPM, SL and H

Which Cohort are you running?

We are running cohorts 6

Where will your learning take place? 

Aquinas Training and Development Centre, Bromley, BR2 

Is there anything you would like to say to somebody
who's considering an NPQ?

Staff we have worked with from both in and outside the MAT say that completing an NPQ positively impacts upon their leadership behaviours and job role, resulting in them feeling happier and more confident. NPQs encourage participants to transfer new knowledge and skills to other contexts, meaning they feel more prepared to deal with the day to day challenges of leadership