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Research and thinking from the perspective of our team of NPQ Experts through blogs and articles.

Emily tells us about her decision to do an NPQ

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Meera tells us why she chose the Church of England for her NPQ!

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10 Questions with Nigel Genders

The our Chief Education Officer recalls his school days, explains why seeing the impact of teachers in schools led him into education and offers alternatives to one-word Ofsted judgements

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Camille tells us why she chose the CofE as an NPQ provider. 

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Empowering Educational Leaders: Spotlight on Our Leadership NPQs

We offer six NPQs, and today we shine a spotlight on our three leadership NPQs; Senior Leadership, Headship and Executive Leadership 

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Empowering Educators: Introducing the Specialist NPQs for Teacher Development

We offer six NPQs, and today we shine a spotlight on Specialist NPQs specifically designed for classroom teachers and leaders; Leading Behaviour and Culture , Leading Teaching, Leading Teacher Development

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Developing my career with a specialist NPQ

Hassnain Mahay is a biology teacher and Associate Deputy Head of Year at Greenford High School. He's starting a National Professional Qualification in Leading Behaviour and Culture (NPQLBC) and shares what motivated him to enrol

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Four Reasons to take an NPQ this year

National Professional Qualifications (NPQs) are designed to provide training and support for teachers and school leaders at all levels and help deliver improved outcomes for young people. We invited participants to share why now is a good time to consider taking an NPQ.

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Church of England sets out hopes for Flourishing Schools System

The Church of England has launched a new publication outlining its hopes for students, teachers and educators to flourish across the schools system.

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How cognitive science underpins curriculum design and digital pedagogy in the Church of England’s NPQs

Jo Lomax, Programme Lead, and Luke Watkins (CTeach), Learning Specialist, Church of England Foundation for Educational Leadership, UK discuss how cognitive science underpins curriculum design...

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Five VERY GOOD reasons to apply for an NPQ 

We are committed to ensuring that whatever capacity you work in within in your school, we will support your development and flourishing. Because FLOURISHING children are the result of FLOURISHING adults!

One way that we do this is by providing professional development opportunities through delivery of National Professional Qualifications. Below are five great reasons you should consider applying for one:

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Why Small Schools are so important and why teachers in small schools Should Apply for NPQs

Did you know? The DFE will now pay £800 to schools with 1-150 pupils on roll for each participant on an NPQ programme. All the more reason for you to sign up to our second cohort of NPQSmall courses. Find out more below.

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Teacher Excellence at the Heart of Leadership 

Written by Jo Lomax

The reformed national professional qualifications (NPQs) for teachers and leaders acknowledge that ‘The quality of teaching is the single most important in-school factor for improving pupil outcomes’ (DfE, 2021, p. 4). These leadership reforms align coherently with the Early Career Framework, rightly placing teacher excellence at the core of all professional development.

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