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Manchester Diocese Board of Education

My name is Deborah Smith

Who is the best first point of contact?

Louise Morley 

What is your favourite thing about the holidays?

It goes very quiet in the DBE office

Tell us a little bit about you as an organisation

We support 192 CE schools, serving 64K pupils across 12 LAs. There are 12 CE MATs in existence within MDBE too.

Why did you choose to be a partner with Church of England
and Catholic Education Office?

We like the shared ethos around not just providing a qualification but genuinely supporting participants to develop through quality facilitation and coaching, networking, opportunities and a high-quality design interpretation of the NPQ framework. But also, we love the people involved at every level of the organisation.

Which NPQs do you offer? 


Which Cohort are you running?

We are running cohorts 5 and 6

Where will your learning take place? 

At various our partners across Greater Manchester

Is there anything you would like to say to somebody
who's considering an NPQ?

Do it. The benefits to yourself and those you work with adults and children will be far-reaching.