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2nd Annual Research Conference - 'Flourishing Together' - 23 November 2021

09.00-16.30pm (GMT) 

“Flourishing Together:

Flourishing Students - Flourishing Adults –

Flourishing Schools - Flourishing Communities”

To register to attend this conference, please click here

We are delighted to welcome an amazing array of keynote speakers to this year's conference including

  • Sonia Thompson, St Matthew's Research School, Birmingham
  • Tom Harrison, Jubilee Centre for Character and Virtues
  • Matt Lee, Harvard Flourishing Institute
  • Kathryn Morgan, Teacher Development Trust
  • Neil Gilbride, University of Gloucestershire
  • Lynn Swaner, ASCI
  • Darren Iselin, Christian Schools Australia

This year’s conference welcomes papers from a variety of interdisciplinary, theoretical and practical perspectives focused on aspects of ‘Flourishing,’ considering this from a range of perspectives including that of children, adults, the school and the community as a whole,  including:

  • Supporting young people in learning, following the impact of the pandemic.
  • Diversity, equity and inclusion for flourishing.
  • Leadership development at all levels in schools.
  • Children’s wellbeing and mental health.
  • Chaplaincy and spiritual development of children and adults.
  • Teacher development – including ITT, ECF, and further development of teachers for flourishing
  • Supporting the flourishing of all groups within our schools and communities.
  • Developing faith in schools, through the relationship between schools, churches and households
  • Flourishing in a small, rural and coastal schools
  • Sustaining flourishing relationships in schools.
  • Any other area that connects to the concept of flourishing

Please register above to come and join us for this excellent day!

CEFEL Research Conference Team

Professor Bill Lucas, University of Winchester

Andy Wolfe, Executive Director of Education, Church of England

Kate Newman, Research Lead, CEFEL, Church of England