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National Professional Qualifications (NPQs) 


Step 1 - Register with the DFE

To confirm your eligibility to complete an NPQ you should first complete the Department for Education online registration process.

To complete this form you will need to have your Teacher Reference Number (TRN) and School Unique Reference Number (URN) to hand.

Your TRN is a 7 digit number (formatted as xx/xxxxx) which can usually be found on your payslips, teachers’ pension documentation, and other teacher training records. The TRN has previously been known as a QTS, GTC, DfE, DfES or DCSF number.

If you are applying only for the New Headteacher Additional Support Offer then you do not need to complete this step.

Please refer to this Teacher Reference Number (TRN) guidance if you are undertaking an NPQ and:

  • You know you have a TRN but are unsure / want to check what it is, or
  • Do not currently have a TRN and are working as a teacher / leader in England or living in England but not in a teaching leadership role at present. 

Step 2 - Complete your Application Form

Next complete the Church of England NPQ application form.

In this form you will be asked to name the course you are applying for and the local area where you live. You will also be asked to outline your relevant teaching/ leadership experience and provide the name and contact details of your sponsor.

Your sponsor will be your Headteacher unless you are the Headteacher yourself, in which case your sponsor should be your Chair of Governors. If you are an Executive Headteacher your sponsor should be the Chair of your Trustee Board. 

Step 3 - Sponsor Endorsement

Ask your sponsor to complete the Sponsor Endorsement form by providing them with a link to the form: Sponsor Endorsement Form (

Ensure that they are aware that their endorsement form needs to be completed by the application deadline. You will be not be offered a place on an NPQ programme without the endorsement of the appropriate sponsor. 


For your application to be processed, approved, and an NPQ Programme offer made, ALL THREE STEPS above must be completed by the following application deadline dates.

Please note that due to the announcement of DfE Full Funding we will be accepting late applications in regions starting as Cohort 1 in November 2021 until 17th October.

These areas are:

Area 5: North West C, Merseyside and Cheshire- NPQLTD, NPQLT, NPQSL, NPQH

Area 6: East Midlands A, Derbyshire and Yorkshire- NPQLT

Area 7: East Midlands B, Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire- NPQLTD, NPQLT, NPQLBC, NPQSL, NPQH

Area 11: Eastern A, Norfolk and Suffolk- NPQSL, NPQH

Area 12: Eastern B, Cambridgeshire, Essex and East London- NPQSL, NPQH

Area 13: South East A, Kent, Sussex and Hampshire- NPQH

Area 14: South East B, Rest of London and Westminster- NPQSL, NPQH

Area 16: South West A, Somerset and North Wiltshire- NPQLT, NPQ

Area 17: South West B, Dorset and South Wiltshire- NPQH

Courses in all other regions will begin as part of Cohort 2.

The Application Deadline for all other regional groups starting with Cohort 2 in February 2022 is 14th January 2022.

Applications for the NPQ Executive Leadership should be received by 10th December and all leaders on this programme will start together in January 2022.

Applications will be reviewed in the order that they are received so in the case of a course being oversubscribed, a late application is less likely be successful.

For further information about your application please contact, and if you haven't quite decided which NPQ is for you, browse our digital prospectus below.