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Called Connected Committed Newsletters


May 2024

CCC - Educating for Dignity and Respect – Celebrating Diversity and Enabling Flourishing- SEND and Trauma Informed Issue


Join us as we discuss how our schools can demonstrate 'generosity, love, and practical action towards the poor, the marginalised, the oppressed, the lonely, and pupils with SEND'.  Rachel Gourley discusses her philosophy of education and flexi-schooling and we hear from two parents who have chosen to send their children to Huxley Primary School and the positive impact the trauma-informed practices there have had on their children. 

February 2024

CCC - Educating for Community – Inspiring Faithfulness Embodying Integrity

Join us as we relive some of the highlights from the National Conference, its theme of 'Growing Faith, Sustaining Hope' and the launch of 'Difference for Schools' and 'Flourish'.

January 2024

CCC - Educating for Hope and Aspiration – Pursuing Renewal, School Leaders and Pupils


Welcome to 2024!  It’s a time of resolutions, new ideas, priorities and plans – and as we open into that season, we are focusing on the idea of ‘renewal’ in this edition – with lots of fantastic resources for you to use as leaders with your teams.