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Educating for Wisdom and 

Knowledge : Curriculum Focus 

Our focus speaker this month is Jeffrey Boakye. Listen to the discussion of his book ‘I Heard What You Said’ which candidly enlightens the reader on Jeffrey’s experiences navigating white spaces as the only teacher of colour in the schools where he taught. Jeffrey Boakye is an author, broadcaster and educator. He is particularly interested in race, masculinity, education and popular culture issues.

Jeffrey, originally from Brixton in London, taught English to 11- 18 year olds for 15 years. Jeffrey continues to be an educator, providing training and talks around race, masculinity and education. He also co-presents BBC Radio 4’s Add to Playlist. His published books are: Hold Tight, Black Listed, and What is Masculinity? Why Does it Matter? And Other Big Questions, Musical Truth, and I Heard What You Said.

CEFEL’s UNPACKING SERIES - A series of short video explanations focusing on policies, curriculum, and other themes that impact the world of education. Jeffrey Boakye focuses on ‘How to diversify the English curriculum’ in this month's unpacking