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Called Connected Committed Newsletters


January 2024

CCC - Educating for Hope and Aspiration – Pursuing Renewal, School Leaders and Pupils


Welcome to 2024!  It’s a time of resolutions, new ideas, priorities and plans – and as we open into that season, we are focusing on the idea of ‘renewal’ in this edition – with lots of fantastic resources for you to use as leaders with your teams.

November & December 2023

CCC - Celebrating Diversity – Enabling Flourishing Christianity As A Global World Faith


In this issue of CCC, we turn to some fantastic resources around teaching Christianity as a global faith, with a bumper edition of three podcast episodes to inspire you. 

Bola-Alysia Ayonrinde, the National Education Lead for Racial Justice within the Church of England, joins us with a rich background in education leadership spanning the U.K., West Africa, and South America. Krystian McInnis, a Religious Education Consultant and Founder of Reimagining Education, specialises in decolonising and diversifying religious education.

Mariah Humphries, a Mvskoke Nation citizen, writer, and educator, shares her unique perspective navigating the tension between Native and White American cultures, bringing Native awareness to non-Native spaces.  We also feature Anjali Kanagaratnam, a curate recently appointed to a combined role of a group of three churches and racial justice coordinator in the Diocese of Bristol.

October 2023

CCC - Educating for Hope and Aspiration – Healing Relationships Pursuing Renewal 


Join us as we host two incredible individuals - Faye McGuinness and Hannah Williams - as they explore the experiences, insights, and the impact they're making in the world of mental health and well-being. Get ready for an inspiring conversation that will leave you motivated to make a positive change in your own life. 

September 2023

CCC - Celebrating Diversity – Empowering Voices


We are excited to bring you the latest episode of our podcast series, "Called, Connected and Committed," In this episode, we have the privilege of hosting Gillian Georgiou, Diocesan RE and SIAMS Adviser at the Diocese of Lincoln, who will be shedding light on the empowering journey of "Empowering Voices" and the remarkable collaboration between the Diocese of Lincoln and Re-Connection Lincolnshire.

June 2023

CCC - Celebrating Diversity Enabling Flourishing- Building Flourishing Systems Through Sports and the Arts


This month we look at a range of examples of where we can offer pupils opportunities to flourish from across the curriculum (including an inspirational podcast interview Davina Victory, a Black Ice Skater and Coach for British Ice Skating; Alan Watkinson, Sir Mo Farah's PE Teacher and Partnership Director for Sport Impact; and David Gajadharsign, Academic and Pastoral Principal for the Royal Ballet School) enabling them to have a transformational impact on the world as adults.

May 2023

CCC - Accepting Vulnerability and Demonstrating Generosity


We are excited to bring you the latest episode of our podcast series, "Called, Connected and Committed," where we explore the ways in which school leaders can be committed to change in their schools and empower their surrounding communities.  In this episode, we had the privilege of sitting down with Ghino Parker, the esteemed Center Director for Barnardo's Charity, as he shared his insights on the topic of racial trauma and intergenerational racial trauma.

April 2023

CCC - Guiding Our Pupils Towards Change Practice Educating for Community and Living Well Together


We are delighted to introduce you to our latest podcast featuring the Archbishops’ Young Leaders Award team. The AYLA programme recognises and supports young people from across England who are actively making a positive difference in their schools and communities. From youth-led projects tackling social issues such as poverty and inequality to innovative solutions for environmental sustainability, we'll explore the diverse range of initiatives that have earned young leaders the AYLA recognition.

March 2023

CCC - Educating for Community and Living Well Together


For this month’s CCC Podcast, we are thrilled to have been able to speak to Dr Naomi Graham!

Dr Graham is a licensed therapist with over 15 years of experience supporting children and young people. Her passion for mental health and well-being led her to found Growing Hope, a charity that provides free therapy to children and young people who may not otherwise have access to these crucial services. 

February 2023

CCC - Sustaining Vision and Building Resilience- Celebrating Flourishing Systems


In this episode of the CCC Podcast, we are joined by the team from Zellar, a start up who’s mission to accelerate community climate action.
Zellar is a sustainability platform that empowers UK businesses to go green, save money and share their sustainability journey with those that matter most to them. Zellar has just completed a ground breaking Sustainable Schools pilot with 40 schools in the East Midlands and they’ve unlocked free access for Church of England Schools to help accelerate climate action in our schools and communities.

January 2023

CCC - Educating for Hope and Aspiration- Embracing and Nurturing Diversity in Leadership


This month’s CCC Podcast features John Lynch. The first Black headteacher in Brighton and Croydon, discusses his journey as a headteacher. He shares his experiences and insights as a trailblazer in the education system and how he overcame barriers to become a successful leader. Since retiring in 2013, he has worked as a consultant for Brighton and Hove on closing the gap strategies for UKME (United Kingdom Minority Ethnic) pupils in education. He provides valuable tips and advice for individuals looking to grow as leaders and welcome diverse leadership into their schools. This is an enlightening conversation that provides a unique perspective on the education system and the importance of diversity and inclusivity in leadership.

December 2022

CCC - A focus on Hope


This month’s CCC Podcast features Hannah Persaud, Head of Networks for the Growing Faith Foundation, who discusses how schools, churches and communities build relationships to develop resources that support households to grow in faith together through her work with the Growing Faith Foundation