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The NPQ Impact

I can’t thank you enough for all your support.   This news has been a very welcome positive. You made my day on Friday - it made me cry - in a good way.  Thank you again. I wouldn’t have been able to
"As a leader of a small rural school, I often feel that CPD offers are so focused on bigger school contexts in cities. It’s quite different leading in a rural community. These programmes have been so
I am developing my understanding of the different skills required of me to support the staff in my school to develop their teaching styles and support the children in their learning.   - Olivia, NPQLT
Please pass on my thanks to all the team of tutors that gave such inspiring seminars throughout the length of the course.  Also, a huge thanks must go to you for all your support with all the emails a
“The best CPD I have ever received. My leadership thinking and practice has been challenged, informed and transformed – this programme has had a major impact on my knowledge, confidence and vision as
“The Church of England’s programme manages to brilliantly combine the depth of knowledge, research and instructional leadership with a transformational commitment to vision-driven, ethical leadership
“I would like to thank you for the amazing communications that support the programme. Your reminders are keeping me really organised compared to other courses I’ve been on. The support organisation is