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Important news: The DFE have increased the funding for small schools under 150 pupils. So for every member of staff taking an NPQ the school will receive £800.
Why not make the Church of England NPQSmall the NPQ for you and your school?

What is the NPQ Small?

NPQ Small is a fully funded course designed and delivered with small schools in mind. It is for school leaders and teachers who have an ambitious vision and commitment to flourishing schools and communities, allowing them to access the National Professional Qualifications, in a way that is more relevant and convenient for them.

NPQ Small programmes are for teachers and leaders in schools with under 150 pupils (primary) or 800 pupils (secondary).The Church of England NPQ Small programmes provide a unique opportunity for teachers and school leaders to develop their leadership expertise.

The NPQ Small is bespoke in design and delivery, recognising the opportunities and challenges specific to small schools, and enabling colleagues in these schools to to engage with high-quality leadership training.

NPQ Small gives you:

  • A specially adapted curriculum tailored to small and rural schools’ contexts.
  • Almost no time out of school through a new flexible delivery model – with over half of the sessions allowing you the choice of when you attend.
  • Totally online delivery meaning that staff in smaller schools in isolated areas are not required to travel long distances.
  • An expert small school coach for every leader on every programme.
  • Focused on key small/rural school issues that can then transfer into other contexts in your career.
  • The same nationally recognised qualification as our NPQ Standard route.

How long is the programme?

The NPQLT, NPQLTD and NPQLBC are 12 month programmes, whilst the NPQH and NPQSL last 18 months.

Your NPQ Small learning journey

The content of the NPQ Small will differ depending on which programme you choose to apply for, however the focus will be on leading teacher excellence and a culture in which pupils, staff and school communities can flourish.

You can see more information within the course guide which is linked at the bottom of this page. 

There is more detailed information about each of the NPQ programmes on the relevant web pages in the side menu.

You can apply for an NPQ Small programme through the usual application form (ensure you choose NPQ Small). This form can be accessed by clicking on the link below

How much is the programme?

  • Primary schools with 150 or fewer pupils will receive £800 per member of staff participating in NPQs
  • State-funded secondary schools and state-funded 16-19 educational settings with one to 600 pupils will receive £200 for each member of staff participating in NPQs