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Peer Support Networks

Throughout 2017/18, our Peer Support Network has grown rapidly, bringing leaders together from 185 schools (66 in 2016/17) to work in facilitated network groups on a range of leadership development issues. Leaders have engaged in a range of project activities and coaching sessions focused on supporting one another’s development. Through encouraging school leaders to work together on shared leadership priorities, the Peer Support Network is empowering leaders to engage deeply with the Church’s vision for education. School leaders are exchanging ideas, visiting each other, encouraging each other’s leadership development, and through developing coaching, offering that crucial sense of support and challenge as they evaluate the impact of their work together. Such resource sharing, online collaborations, and leadership exchanges are developing inspirational leaders called, connected and committed to delivering the Church of England’s vision for education.

The Peer Support Network will continue to develop leaders in relation its 4 key themes from 2017/18, working in network groups of 12-15 schools:

1. Leadership of Teaching and Learning

2. Leadership of Character Education

3. Leadership of Vision and Ethos

4. Peer Coaching

In addition, two further themes will be offered:

5. Leadership of Rural and Small Schools, helping leaders implement the Embracing Change: Rural and Small Schools report – building on the CEO March 2018 report

6. Leadership of Governance, using the Foundation’s new Ethos Enhancing Outcomes resource for governance

School leaders will receive dedicated leadership support and coaching from the Foundation’s Regional Network Facilitator alongside a range of nationally recognised experts bespoke to each of the 6 projects. Every school will receive 2 full days’ training in the chosen project area, alongside 3 group CPD sessions hosted in network schools developing approaches together. In addition, school leaders will be able to engage in optional school visits within their groups, alongside connecting to national development work in these areas through the Foundation’s online community and conferences.

Participant Testimonials

“The opportunities to approach important leadership issues from the starting point of the Church of England’s vision has helped us develop a creative and often more innovative approach to school improvement, focussed on the leadership development of the whole school community.” School Leader, 2017 Cohort

“The Peer Support Network is growing leadership capacity within our school, and enables us to reflect, refresh and revitalise our leaders to empower change” School Leader, 2017 Cohort

Membership of the Foundation’s Peer Support Network costs £1+VAT per pupil, with a cap of £750+VAT for larger schools.

To continue your membership from 2017/18, or to join the Peer Support Network for 2018/19, please complete our Online Form here.

For MAT/ Diocese group bookings ensure you upload a complete school list, using this spreadsheet template, when completing the online form (above) please.